Colouring Capricornia

Welcome to Tanby Garden Centre Plants Plus Nursery & Garden Destination.
Situated between the two coastal towns of Yeppoon and Emu Park in the peaceful surrounds of Tanby, this is where you can find everything for your garden and lots of lovely colour.

But if you are not a gardener, you might like just to get out of town, slow down, and enjoy a stroll through the centre and a relaxing coffee or tea at the Atrium Coffee Hub, and to check out our giftware and garden furniture.

Don’t hesitate to bring the children or grandchildren along with you. Children enjoy the garden centre, whether its exploring, checking out the vegetable garden, buying an ice cream, talking to the chooks, or perhaps searching for the fish in the ‘Impluvium’.


Garden Centre open daily.
Turf sales operate Monday to Saturday.
The Atrium Coffee Hub open 7 days, usually until 3pm on weekends and 4pm on weekdays.

What we’ve got

We have got a lot at Tanby Garden Centre.
A large nursery full of plants that will perform in your garden.
Vegetable and flower seedlings, herbs, potted colour, tropicals, shrubs, hedging, trees and so on.
Our stunning Atrium, taking its design from Ancient Rome with its central ‘impluvium’ or water pool – stocked with items to decorate your garden, including water features, garden furniture and garden ornaments and statues.
The sandstone hardstand with a huge array of pots and individual garden features in stone, clay and GRC.
A shop stocked with everything you need to care for your garden as well as some interesting and unusual giftware. Large stock of hanging baskets and plastic pots.
Pavers – local product and specialty.
Turf supplies.
Bulk product supplies of soils, sands and gravels, as well as compost and our own potting mix.
Bagged products, including potting mixes, mulches, stones.
The Atrium Coffee Hub.
Chook house.
Display gardens.