Bare root roses

Bare root roses, as the name suggests, are roses bare of soil around their roots. Rose farms harvest and transport roses during their winter dormancy. When they arrive at Tanby Garden Centre we DSC_1125‘heel’ them in to a loose potting mix and keep the roots moist. At the time of sale the roses are gently removed for you to take home and plant. You will discover that it doesn’t take very long before they will shoot new growth and flower buds. The most important matter is to not allow the roots to dry out.

Roses are a very rewarding plant to grow and can bear flowers almost throughout the year, sometimes very prolifically. The three primary requirements of roses are 6 hours of direct sunlight, regular feeding, and deep watering. Good air circulation is also important, particularly here when we experience summer humidity, so give them a bit of space to allow air movement around the plant which will help to discourage any fungal problems.

The two most popular rose types are floribunda and hybrid tea. Floribunda roses give a mass of colour over a long period in large clusters. Hybrid tea on the other hand produce classic full flowers usually each on a long stem. Many of these have compelling fragrances and are excellent as cut flowers.

If you haven’t grown roses before, give them a go, either in a pot or in the ground. You won’t be disappointed.