Energy in the Garden Part 2

Energy in the Garden (part 2)

In this postDSCF3317 we will look at other elements that can create or influence the energy in your garden using Feng Shui concepts.

Colour, as many of us are aware, has a big impact on how we feel. Not surprisingly then that it be an important element of energy in a garden.

Bright and “sunny” colours lift the energy, create warmth in a garden, and attract our attention – bringing a space closer. Whereas greens and blues calm and become background colours, and purples and silvers create distance (a good tool for making a garden seem larger). To have a harmonised energy level in the garden, a combination of different colours and hues tends to work best in general.

If you want more energy in your life – introduce more yellows, oranges and red hued plants. Consider how much energy you would like. A bright yellow daisy will create more energy than a Croton with yellow and green leaves, just as a hot pink hibiscus will be more energising than a soft pink and white flowering variety.

Mixing coloured flowers or foliage plants with more calming darker blues and greens will also help tone down a bright display. And what about colours in different seasons?

Paths or open areas influence how energy moves through a garden. A wide, curving path slows the energy, whereas narrow and straight paths increase the speed of energy – much like a wind tunnel effect. Having a clear line of sight from the road to your front door helps attract energy to your house. On busy roads (which are high in energy) slowing and reducing the energy (and noise) can be a good idea. Don’t you find it helps create a calmer environment after leaving the road?

More to come!

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