At Tanby Garden Centre we have everything you need to care for and maintain your garden.

  • Bagged soil, potting mix, mulches, soil improvers, sand & stones.
  • Bulk soils, sands, stones and mulches.  See Landscaping tab.
  • Shop stocked with garden tools, fertilisers, herbicides, garden gadgets and accessories .
  • Garden stakes, bamboo, wire mesh, shadecloth, weed-mat, garden screens, garden arches, ready to make raised garden beds, garden edging.
  • Compost bins and worm farms.
  • Paving.
  • Turf.
  • Pots & water features.
  • Advice and discussion about your garden and its needs.

The requirement for fertilisers and the type of fertiliser is dependent on what you are growing, and where you are growing it.  Plants grown in pots rely much more on our care.  The needs of plants in the ground will vary according to the type of plant and the soil that it is growing in.  Looking after your soil (adding compost and organic materials in the form of mulch) will make a big difference to all your gardening.  Fertilisers are available in organic and inorganic forms.  The latter are generally higher in the elements Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K), known as  N:P:K.  Use fertilisers as directed on the packaging and avoid over use.  Where possible we recommend you use organic slow release fertilisers.

Pests and Diseases

Whilst we stock a wide range of products for the control of pests and diseases, we are also keen to encourage you to take a cautious and sensible approach to their usage and step lightly on this earth.  Chemical intervention should always be a last resort, remembering that these products kill the beneficial pests as well as the harmful ones.  Thankfully today there are some good organic products that can be used when intervention is necessary.