Our Story

Tanby Garden Centre evolved as an extension of and diversification for Tanby Turf (www.tanbyturf.com.au), a locally owned and operated business.  Tanby Turf is the longest established turf farm in Central Queensland and in its current form has been managed for many years by David Scott.  Under the management of David the turf farm has become known for growing easy maintenance quality turf suitable for our region.  David moved away from couch and introduced the now very popular natural  grass Tropika, ( better known by some as fisherman’s grass as its easy care allows time to go fishing) and the shade tolerant Palmetto soft leaf Buffalo.  The turf farm is watered from dam water and in the drought years as dam levels fell irrigation became a problem.  This issue, combined with the new Kinka Beach Road giving the farm main road frontage to traffic travelling between Emu Park and  Yeppoon, led David, and his wife Joanna, to consider the possibility of expansion to create a one stop shop for all gardening and landscaping requirements.  A venture that would both compliment the turf business and benefit from it.

David and Joanna put together plans for a purpose built garden centre in the middle of the turf farm with a vision that it would be an open and inviting space that would be enjoyable, inspirational, functional and viable.  The open sided ‘Atrium’  came to life following a visit to the ruins of ancient Pompeii where David was taken in by the simple but effective concept of a roof shaped to catch water in a central ‘impluvium’.  A second building was designed for the shop and a space allocated for a nursery. Gradually ideas unfolded around their kitchen table and David and Joanna developed a new concept for Yeppoon.

The expansion began with the introduction of bulk soils, sands and mulches.  As a turf farmer David knew there was a need for a good organic affordable soil to put under turf.  He developed ‘turfsoil’ which is now widely accepted as the standard.

Construction of the new infrastructure for the garden centre began in 2009.  But it was to be a while before the final steps were taken to open the doors.

Stocking the garden centre was a big leap into the unknown world of retail and David  made the decision to join the Plants Plus group to get assistance from experts. In September 2011 it all came to fruition and, with the continued support of the local owner, David and Joanna opened Tanby Garden Centre.