Morning Tea at the Garden Centre

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Make + Do is a Blog set up by Lisa Scott. Below is one of her recent entries and by going to you can check out her lovely video ‘How to Spend a Perfect Family Friendly Sunday in Yeppoon’ featuring Tanby Garden Centre, Fig Tree Creek Markets and Farnborough Beach.

Have morning tea at Tanby Garden Centre

Oh, how our girl loves Tanby Garden Centre! She sings happily to herself in the car on the way there, then grabs the hands of her little friends to show them the tadpoles hiding in various water features scattered throughout. She cheerfully points out the strawberry and blueberry plants, and takes enormous pride in selecting the perfect flowers for her fairy garden.

I’m a caffeine addict, so although the iced chocolates and juices look appealing, a long black espresso helps me sustain enough ‘oomph’ to keep up with our spirited lass. A quick run to the chook pen is too inviting, and if they’re lucky, kids can give the beautifully fat chickens some additional feed (although I’m sure they don’t need it!).

Everything here is spread out and level, or has gently sloping ramps, so it’s suitable for people with strollers, as well as those with mobility issues.

Tip: If you head towards the back, you will see the centre’s fantastic vegie patch, resplendent with heavy tomatoes, cheery nasturtiums and a squat compost bin sitting proudly.

Thanks Lisa for including us in your video and for sharing your family friendly Sunday on the Capricorn Coast with us all.


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