Plant Order Form

    Before submitting an order request for a specific plant please be sure it is a plant that grows in this area. We generally only stock plants available in Queensland and suitable for our climate. It is not an option for us to buy single plants thus the plant you are requesting needs to be one we will stock in our nursery and/or is available from a wholesaler with whom we can place an order.
    Rare plants are not generally grown by wholesale nurseries and we recommend you search for these through gardening groups or online.
    If we are able to source your requested plant we will email you with details. You will be required to make payment before we can place the order with our suppliers.
    Please include details of pot size required. Here is a very rough guide for you.
    140mm pot - price range $10-$20
    200mm pot - price range $20-$30
    300mm pot - price range $60-$75
    400mm/45L - price range from $130
    Thank you for your enquiry. We will do our best to assist you.
    Team TGC