Roogenic – Teas and Bush Foods

Here at Tanby Garden Centre we are proud to be a local stockist of Roogenic Australia.

Roogenic have partnered with Indigenous communities and small farmers to bring the medicinal health properties of native plants and bushfoods to all Australians.

Our customers have been enjoying the teas, which we have stocked for some time now. These teas are designed with naturopaths, each blend provides natural remedies to a variety of health concerns, while also tasting delicious. 

We have recently expanded on the range and are pleased to be selling the BUSHFOODS now in store.

Sourced naturally and sustainably, the collection of Native Bushfoods is the perfect way to experiment with Native Australian Herbs and Spices. Australian Bushfoods have been used for generations for their potent healing properties and as a source of food for Indigenous communities.

We have many in stock inculding Gumbi Gumbi, Quandong, Sea Parsley, Davidson Plum, Lemon Myrtle and many more. Each bush food has its own medicinal properties and unique, bold flavours.

For further details on the different types and their excellent benefits please see

They also have a selection of recipes available.