Shade Plants

Whether you’re a first-time houseplant owner or a complete plant addict, we have something to suit everyone. We can help you with sourcing intriguing indoor plants, and also give you tips on their individual care requirements. The TGC shade house is constantly changing around, so stop into the nursery to see which indoor plants are available today.

Some of our favourite indoor and shade plants include:

Aglaonema “Chinese Evergreens”

These are a diverse and colourful range of indoor and outdoor plant that thrives in tropical and subtropical regions. Their foliage comes in a range of mottled shades, including red, pink, green, yellow, cream, and silver. You can plant them in shady areas outdoors or keep them in pots indoors in bright indirect light. Give them well-drained soil and let them almost totally dry out before watering.

Dieffenbachia “Dumb Cane”

Dieffenbachia has beautiful, large leaves with green, yellow and white patterns. These grow well indoors in bright indirect light or they can thrive outdoors in sheltered positions. Dieffenbachia is toxic so please keep away from animals and children. Provide your plants with well-drained/sandy soil and keep the soil lightly and consistently moist. Water when the top inch of soil is dry.

Monstera “Swiss Cheese Plant”

Monstera is an iconic species of vines and shrubs that originate from Central America. The holes and gaps in the leaves are called fenestrations that are useful in rainforests to allow sunlight to reach the forest floor while still feeding the plant itself. Monstera thrives in medium indirect light although it can be acclimated to withstand direct sunlight. Adjust your watering schedule depending on how much light the plant is exposed to (less watering for less light). Water sparingly and allow the soil to dry out between. Prefers well-draining soil and humid conditions.


There are hundreds of species of philodendrons, each one beautiful in its own way. They make fantastic air filters for indoor spaces, and their beautiful, glossy, evergreen leaves can brighten any room. The philodendron genus is made up of two basic types: vining plants and upright growers. These plants grow quickly and offer brilliant foliage. The leaves will droop from both over- and underwatering so water when the top inch of soil is dry. They need loose soil rich in organic matter and bright indirect light.

Our favourite philodendron varieties include:

  • Birkin
  • Rojo
  • Mican (velvet leaf)
  • Xanadu
  • Silver sword

Epipremnum “Pothos”

Epipremnum “Pothos” is known for being one of the easiest houseplants to take care of. It earns its nickname, Devil’s Ivy, for being nearly impossible to kill. There are a few variations of Epipremnum plants that differ in their markings, leaves, and how quickly they grow – the most common is Golden Pothos with mustard and green marbling on the leaves. These evergreen climbers are adaptable and can tolerate inconsistent watering and a range of light conditions, making them an excellent beginner plant. Cuttings can be propagated in water and grown in soil once roots appear.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia “Zanzibar Gem”

The ZZ plant is a staple in any indoor plant collection due to its simple care requirements and showy, evergreen foliage. Zamioculcas reflects sunlight and purifies the air, turning homes and offices into beautiful and calming spaces. This drought-tolerant plant can survive in low light conditions but will do best in bright, indirect light. Use any well-drained potting mix and a balanced houseplant fertiliser once a month. Unfortunately, this plant can be toxic so keep it away from pets and children.