Succulents and Cacti

Our ever-changing range of succulents offers something for everyone. We sell pups and advanced plants in many shapes, colours and varieties; from your most basic cactus to rare succulents for true collectors.

These beauties are so easy to care for, you’ll barely need to think about them. We can help you create your ideal potting mix, or we sell specialised succulent and cacti potting mix in store. See our top tips below for caring for your succulents and cacti.

How to care for your plant:

  1. Use the right potting mix – succulents need well-drained soil. That means a combo of potting mix with sand, perlite and/or pumice.
  2. Make sure your succulent receives enough light (at least 6 hours of indirect or direct sunlight). Remember that baby succulents may scorch in direct sun so introduce them to full-sun exposure slowly.
  3. Rotate your plant every now and again to ensure even sun exposure.
  4. Use the ‘wet & dry’ method of watering – water your succulents and then allow them to dry out completely before you water again. Succulents and cacti require more water in the growing seasons (spring and summer) than when they are dormant.
  5. When you water, soak the soil directly and allow the excess water to run through the drainage holes. Do not mist your plant because this may cause them to grow brittle and rot. If your pot doesn’t have drainage holes, use less water.
  6. Clean dust and debris off the leaves regularly to help your succulent soak up the light.
  7. Avoid overwatering and over-fertilising and you probably won’t have any issue with pests and diseases

If you have any issues caring for your succulent or if you’ve noticed a pest/disease, take a photo and show the team at TGC. We can diagnose your issue and recommend a solution!