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A massive thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to our GARDEN RELEAF 2021 Fundraiser on March 21. With

There are some fabulous native plants suitable for home gardens from ground-covers to trees.  Generally natives are low maintenance, and

Easter Trading



Yoga returns Saturday 10th April 2021. 8.30am start. Everybody welcome.

New Potting Up Station

Many of our customers visit us to buy one plant and one pot, and then they need to buy all

A highly coveted, low-maintenance houseplant. The “purple shamrock” is known for its striking butterfly-like leaves and interesting behaviours. Keep in

Garden Releaf 2021

Each year across Australia, garden centres and nurseries come together to raise money for Beyond Blue as a part of

Beautiful Bambino Bougainvillea

Tough and beautiful, Bougainvillea grows vigorously in our warm, sunny climate. You can train these ornamental vines up walls, trellises

Xanthorrhoea johnsonii Grass Tree The grass tree is an iconic Australian native that can be found in all states and

Planet friendly alternatives


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