Agapanthus ‘Summer Gold’

AgapanthusSummerGold07Agapanthus are so well known by gardeners who live in warmer areas that they need no introduction but ‘Summer Gold’ does need a note or two.

When growing in a container in and around the garden the highly developed predominately golden leaves cling around the plant giving an effect that is well worth a place in any garden.

‘Summer Gold’ looks superb in large presentation pots which can be used around the home, even moving them for special occasions. They are garden ornamentals with stunning foliage all year long. Flowers are dainty and come through each year in November. Sunny positions are best put part shade is okay. This plant with distinctive leaves will earn its place. If you want to plant in your garden bed choose an area which is partly shaded, with good garden soil and well-draining. Do not plant deeper than it is in the pot in which you bought the plant. Water occasionally but do not overwater.

No one can really say that these plants are hard to grow. Like all Agapanthus they thrive on little after care once they are established. It is recommended that ‘Summer Gold’ be planted in garden pots increasing the pot size every two or three years until it needs dividing which is a simple operation. Take the plant out of the pot and lay it on its side. With a sharp spade sever about two thirds of the roots, which seems drastic but is necessary. Take the clump that is left and mentally divide the plant into sections before you cut it up. Drive the spade through the plant. Make sure you do not divide too drastically as small pieces, with little root, generally do not grow.

Pest and diseases are minimal and really no problem. Twice a year use some well balanced fertiliser straight after the flowering in November and again in late autumn.

This fabulous new release garden foliage plant is only available at Plants Plus stores.

(Reference: Aussie Winners®)