Our Turf

When you buy turf from Tanby Garden Centre you are buying a product grown right here on the Capricorn Coast and you will have the benefit of expert considered advice. Our aim has always been to grow low maintenance grasses suitable for this climate.


(Digitaria didactyla var. swazilandensis)
Known at Tanby Garden Centre as ‘Fisherman’s Grass’ because you don’t have to spend your weekends looking after it but can enjoy other activities. An all-round favourite which looks fantastic, feels fantastic and yet is one of the hardiest turfs around.


  • Medium leaf grass.
  • Lime green to blue green colour.
  • Very soft.
  • Low to medium mowing 15-30mm.
  • Low fertiliser requirements (100-200N/ha/year).
  • Will not put up seed head until approx. 100mm high therefore no allergy problem.
  • Has green leaf right to ground level so can handle irregular mowing and won’t get that dead stalky look.
  • Handles up to 50% shade. (D.P.I. trials).
  • As a natural grass and not a hybrid it has retained all its natural abilities to handle drought,grubs and diseases.
  • Spreads from stolens (surface) not rhizomes (underground) so not invasive of garden beds.
  • Vigorous growing therefore quick repairing.
  • Fast grower with spring rains so may need more mowing at that stage.
  • Good winter colour.
  • Once established (12 months) Tropika will handle quite large lawn grub burden without affecting quality of the grass.


Tropika Blue, in my opinion, is the closest thing to a genuine low maintenance grass. Tropika Blue is a natural grass from Swaziland in Africa which is on approximately the same latitude as Central Queensland. It is a relative of Blue couch and has evolved under conditions of heavy grazing and irregular rain fall. In trials Tropika did not allow weed invasion even under conditions of nil nitrogen application. Under conditions of extremely low moisture Tropika will shut down but come back so quickly after rain that it will not allow weeds to penetrate. (See comment on drought tolerance under ‘Turf Species’).

The only complaint I have had with Tropika is that it is too vigorous. However, after talking to these people it is clear they are fertilising and watering it like green couch. Once they stop this the Tropika settles down.

PALMETTO SOFT LEAF BUFFALO   logo-palmetto-200

(Stenotaphrum secondatum)
This grass makes an attractive lawn appealing to those who like a broad leaf grass that has good shade tolerance and is low maintenance. This grass is grown under licence to Tanby Garden Centre/Tanby Turf.


  • Course textured grass.                                                                                                     p-palmetto-2
  • Dense matt.
  • Mow high (30-45mm)
  • Medium wear tolerance.
  • Medium nitrogen requirements (200kgN/ha/year).
  • Handles up to 80% shade.
  • Seed head not noticeable.
  • More resistance to lawn grubs than couches once it is established.
  • Only certain herbicides can be used to control broadleaf weeds.


Soft leaf Buffalo is the only decent broad leaf shade tolerant grass currently available in Central Queensland. It also handles sun. Soft leaf buffalo is becoming the most popular grass Australia wide. It retains good winter colour and does not usually get affected by grubs once it is established. Generally low mowing requirements. Soft leaf buffalo will become more popular as yards get smaller and houses bigger. Broadleaf weeds can be controlled by any broadleaf weed spray that does not contain Dicamba.


A mix of Tropika and Couch. An adaptable forgiving blend which is perfect for any situation where a specific turf variety is not required.


This is our soft leaf buffalo with a bit of couch mixed in.  Its the perfect economy option for a shady spot where the buffalo, with its shade handling ability, will dominate and the couch will take a back seat.

Disclaimer: Whilst we endeavour to grow the best turf possible, unfortunately we cannot ever guarantee that it is 100% pure species.