Energy Part 3

Water IMAG0397in the garden has many benefits beyond life giving to plants and supporting beneficial and native insects and wildlife. In a Feng Shui context it represents connection, sustenance, wealth and the flow of life.

Still water such as a pond or bird bath gives a feeling of calm and tranquillity, particularly in the shade. A shady position also reduces water weed issues (but always something to keep an eye out for in our hot climate).

For new energy flow (and for fish) you need some movement. This could be adding a small fountain to a pond, developing a waterfall, through to a decorative fountain. From a Feng Shui perspective, water pooling visibly is best.

If you are looking for ideas– come and visit our displays. We have ponds, table top through to very large water features, and everything you need to set up your ideal oasis.

Fragrance is another important element or “cure” for a garden. Not necessarily for you if you are a hay fever sufferer. We had a lovely night jasmine which hubby loved, and I couldn’t breathe near…It was heavily pruned “yes dear, it will grow back” and surreptitiously disappeared when hubby was distracted by other things…. Having said that, I do love scented roses although they can be hard to find. And lavender and frangipanis are lovely, not to mention gardenias!

As with any of these – it is about what you enjoy and what will fit with your lifestyle!

–       Brought to you by Tanya @ Tanby Garden Centre