Xanthostemon chrysanthus

Garden Trees for the Sub-Tropics

Trees selected for sub-tropical gardens need to be tolerant of hot, humid summers. Our warm climate with good rainfall allows for the growth of a wide variety of tree species. Some common sub-tropical trees include citrus trees, avocado trees, mango trees, and palm trees. Below is a list of some others that you might like to include in your garden for their beauty, for shade, for colour, and for the good of our environment. Tanby Garden Centre is well stocked with some lovely trees so come for a visit and find one for your place.  

Acacia Mt. Morgan WattleSilver grey leaves. Masses of yellow flowers July to October. Fast growing. 3-5M. AN
Acacia fimbriata (Brisbane Golden Wattle) (Fringed Wattle)Graceful tree with long narrow leaves and ball shaped yellow flowers in Spring. Fast growing so useful for a quick screen. 5-8M. AN.
Backhousia citriodora (Lemon Scented Myrtle)2-10M high x 3-6 wide, will be small and bushy in gardens, and can be hedged.  Strong lemon scented leaves. Clusters of small creamy white flowers at end of branches in summer.
Banksia integrifolia (Coastal Banksia)  Medium sized tree 10-20M.  Pale yellow flower spikes from autumn to spring followed by cones. Suit coastal gardens.
Bolusanthus speciosus (Tree Wisteria)  Small deciduous tree with arching branches. Purple pea-shaped flowers reminiscent of wisteria.
Cassia brewsteri Leichhardt Bean TreeSmall to medium. Showy pendulous apricot/orange/red flowers. Hard round seed pods up to 45cm. Very attractive tree. 12M H. AN.
Eucalyptus cinerea (Argyle Apple)Included here for its decorative silvery grey blue foliage but sub tropics is on the outer limit of its climate tolerance. AN
Eucalyptus Corymbia Ptychocarpa (Swamp Bloodwood/ Red Flowering Bloodwood)Bird attracting showy deep red  flowers in summer and autumn, followed by woody seed capsules.  Large leathery leaves. 8-15M high by 3-10M wide.
Lagerstoemia (Crepe Myrtle)  Summer flowering crepe paper like flowers cover these deciduous trees in pinks, purples or white. Specimen for colour or stunning planted in rows. 2-4M high by 3M wide.
Leptospermum madidum (weeping tea tree)Weeping, fine leaved. Suitable for moist warm locations, including coastal. AN
Harpullia pendula (Tulipwood)    Dense rounded crown.  Coppery new leaves.Orange seed cases. Well suited to tropics. Fast growing, popular ornamental street tree. 6-10M x 2-4M AN
Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra (cottonwood)  Bright yellow flowers with dark centres Large heart shaped red and green leaves. Super hardy.
Jacaranda mimosifoliaSemi evergreen specimen treen. Soft green foliage turns yellow in winter before dropping. Purple bell shaped flowers cover the canopy in summer.10Mx8M.
Melicope elleryana  (Euodia elleryana) (Corkwood)Broad spreading canopy,  Pink flowers along the branches in summer, bird attracting.  Fast growing, evergreen. AN
Poinciana    Stunning deciduous tree with feathery leaves and showy red flowers in summer. 12M x 10M.
Syzygium cascade  Pinkish new leaves hanging down.  Pink powderpuff flowers. 2-3H x 1-2 W. AN
Xanthostemon chrysanthus (Golden Penda)    Clusters of yellow bird attracting flowers in autumn.  Dark glossy green leaves. Height to 5M