Rare and Beautiful Houseplants – Oxalis triangularis care and information

A highly coveted, low-maintenance houseplant. The “purple shamrock” is known for its striking butterfly-like leaves and interesting behaviours.

Keep in bright, indirect sunlight and water sparingly. They demonstrate positive phototropism (growing towards the light) and they are nyctinastic (closing their leaves at night). They’re an amazing plant to watch, and they add contrast & rarity to any collection.

Oxalis triangularis will flourish like weeds through their growing season and then go dormant for anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months of the year. Don’t freak out when they wilt! This is perfectly normal. Simply trim your Oxalis back and leave them to rest in a cool, dark spot until they start to grow back.

Oxalis triangularis is a rare addition to our nursery, and we’re so excited to have some in stock right now. If you want a specialty houseplant that offers beauty and intrigue without too much effort, pop into TGC and grab yours.